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9th - 11th Grade: Individualized Academic Advising & College Planning

College Planning

9th - 11th Grade: Individualized Academic Advising & College Planning

The following service items will be delivered by a dedicated academic consultant. Includes:

Student Profile Assessment (5-10 hours)
At the beginning of the service, the student will be evaluated by the academic team based on three aspects: self-assessment, career/major/interest assessment, extra-curricular profile assessment, and personality assessment. The academic team learns the student interests and goals, evaluates his/her strengths and weaknesses, and maps out a plan to help improve and achieve personal goals in different areas.

High School Yearly Plans and Timeline (10-20 hours)
Based on the holistic evaluation for student, the academic team helps the student create individualized High School Yearly Plans and Timeline. The Yearly Plan provides a framework for the student to set goals each quarter/marking period, specific to the grade level and individual needs. At the end of each quarter/marking period, the team reviews the plan with students and helps them reflect, revise or create new goals for the next period.

Vocabulary Tracking (10-20 hours)
For students whose vocabulary is below 12000, they would be asked to test their vocabulary and update the progress regularly. Counselor would assign vocabulary review tasks to students and ask students to test their progress regularly.

Reading Club (100-150 hours/academic year)
Throughout the school year, Students will be asked to read about 100 hours of English reading with our English book reading club members. Usually, students would finish 5-10 English books every year. Counselor would update the reading progress to parents if necessary.

Summer Enrichment Advising (15-20 hours)
The team develops individualized summer plans based on students’ interests and goals. The team advises students on program/internship resources and applications, and strategies to present the experiences in college applications. Counselor would help students with the school choosing, essay writing and overall application advising.

Course Selection Guidance (1-2 hours)
At the beginning of each school year, the academic team provides guidance about course selection based on the school academic handbook, to ensure that the student is enrolled in challenging and appropriate coursework to fulfill the college goals.

Academic Performance Tracking (5-10 hours)
To better support the student, the team closely tracks his/her academics by checking his/her grades on the school’s online system and collecting comments from teachers with parent access. Components such as grades, class participation, assignment completion, and adjustment to the school environment are assessed by the academic advisor.

Regular Academic Updates with an Academic Advisor (12-20 hours)
The student is assigned to an academic advisor who schedules bi-weekly meetings during the school year. Additional academic meetings can be scheduled on a need-basis by both parties. The academic advisor provides regular advising to the student on academics and extracurricular activities. Examples include picking a club, founding a club, academic competition information, etc.

Standardized-Test Planning (5 hours)
The academic team provides general guidance about study-planning and test-scheduling for standardized tests, such as the TOEFL, SAT, ACT, and AP.

Advanced Background Enrichment
One Academic Competition Training and Participation (up to 50 hours);
Competition Coordination or Organization (15-20 hours).

Research/Internship Advising (10- 20 hours)
The academic team advises students to choose the appropriate research or internship program(s) according to student backgrounds.

Academic Webinars (5 hours)
Throughout the school year, academic webinars are delivered on various topics necessary for student success including study-skills, English-improvement, getting involved in activities, college admissions, and summer planning. These webinars are adjusted to fit student needs based on feedback.

College Application Counseling (5 hours)
During junior year, the academic team provides detailed knowledge regarding the college- admissions process and how to prepare the application materials. Together with the student, the team assists with researching colleges, majors, and guiding students how to prepare for the college application.

Parent Communication (10-20 hours)
The academic advisor will keep close communication with parents by sharing high school yearly plan and timeline, academic performance, and academic webinar information with bilingual support.

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