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12th Grade: Comprehensive College Counseling Package

12th Grade: Comprehensive College Counseling Package

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A comprehensive approach. This is soup-to-nuts college application assistance. A dedicated college admission consultant will support your student through strategic planning, expert school fit and profile assessment, essays, and more! Includes:




Initial 1 hour Zoom session (1 hour)

It’s important for our counselor to get to know your student well. You’ll start off with a one hour session to build a rapport. Our advisor will ask questions about the student’s interests, school choices, and goals.

1 小时初始网络会议(1 小时)

顾问老师深入了解学生非常重要,通过 1 小时的沟通可以使双方建立良好的关系。顾问



Profile Assessment, Customized College List, Application Strategy, Standardized Test Guidance

(20-40 hours)

A smart application strategy means applying to the right schools and having an appropriate range of schools. It also means having a strategic plan for all aspects of the college application process.

背景资料评估,个性化的大学名单,申请策略,标准化考试指导(20-40 小时)



There are many questions that arise through the process:

•What are the right schools to apply to?

•Should I apply early, binding, non-binding, regular decision?

•Should I take ACT or SAT? What about SAT 2s? Should I retake my tests? How many times?

•What if I get deferred? Then what?




•我应该考 ACT 还是 SAT?是否需要考 SAT2?我是否需要重考?需要进行多少次?



Your student’s counselor will assess all aspects of your student’s profile just as a college admissions committee would and create a customized college application strategy and college list based on that assessment. The counselor will also advise on application strategy, standardized test strategy, post-decision support, and many other questions as they arise through the process. This is where having a dedicated college consultant assigned personally to your student really pays off! The counselor will also advise the student on scheduling school visit and communicating with school staff or admission officers. This is an optional service item upon request by student or parents.





Application Project Plan (10-20 hours)

So many deadlines, so little time! Your student’s dedicate counselor will help your student stay on track, organize a timeline, decide where to apply and when, complete essays, interview, and other requirements on time!

申请项目计划(10-20 小时)


生制定一个大学申请跟踪时间表,明确在哪里以及何时递交申请,完成文书、面试等各方 面的要求和准备。


Personal Statement Support (10-30 hours)

Once the topic has been decided, then the writing process begins! Your student will write a first draft and submit to his/her counselor by the assigned deadline. The counselor will provide online feedback, editing and directing the student in his/her writing, and send back to the student for updates. This process will repeat several times until the essay is final.

个人陈述文书指导(10-30 小时)


/她的初稿给顾问老师。顾问老师将为学生的文书提供在线反馈、修改和指导,并发回学 生进行再修改。这个修改过程将重复很多次,直到学生的文书定稿才结束。


Supplemental Essays & Short Answer Prompts (30